This page only has lines of which I visited all stations. As for other stations, please look at the Japanese version🙇‍

All stations on this website were visited by train unless otherwise specified.
“△” means the station which was closed and became a signal point. “×” means the station which was closed completely. “※” means I visited after the closing (not using trains, of course). “()” means the station counted as a station of another line.
I’m sorry that all articles about a station on this website are written in Japanese.

Tōkaidō Main Line Mino-Akasaka Branch Line
(Ōgaki) - Arao - Mino-Akasaka

Sangū Line
(Taki) - Tokita - Tamaru - Miyagawa - Yamada-Kamiguchi - Iseshi - Isuzugaoka - Futaminoura - Matsushita - ×(Special)Ikenoura Seaside* - Toba
*I visited not using a train when services of the station had been suspended.

Meishō Line
(Matsusaka) - Kaminoshō - Gongemmae - Ise-Hata - Ichishi - Isegi - Ise-Ōi - Ise-Kawaguchi - Sekinomiya - Ieki - Ise-Takehara - Ise-Kamakura - Ise-Yachi - Hitsu - Ise-Okitsu